Solving our client's problems by providing tailor-made AI solutions.

We listen:
Empowering our clients with personalized AI solutions, doXray tackles their challenges head-on. We prioritize active listening to comprehend unique business requirements and data pipelines.

We consult:
Our expertise spans comprehensive consultation, from optimizing information management to unearthing untapped potential in leveraging AI for generating tangible business value.

We integrate:
Seamless integration is our forte, seamlessly embedding AI solutions into existing workflows through industry-standard practices such as APIs, file shares, and more.

We deliver:
With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we deliver cost-effective, tailor-made AI solutions that enhance data pipelines. Our cutting-edge technology automates data extraction, classification, and analysis, enabling streamlined processes and valuable insights.


At doXray, we go beyond expectations, transforming your document management workflows with precision and innovation.


Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

  • doxrav's Al solution automates document analysis and
    data extraction.
  • Saves time and effort by processing large volumes of
    documents quickly and accurately.
  • Increases operational efficiency and allows employees
    to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Improves overall productivity and streamlines
    document-intensive workflows.

Improved Accuracy and Quality

  • Manual processes are prone to errors and data inconsistencies.
  • doxrav's Al solution ensures precise identification and extraction of relevant information.
  • Reduces errors and enhances the reliability of extracted data.
  • Mitigates compliance risks and improves data integrity for better decision-making.

Cost Savings

• Manual document analysis and data extraction are resource-intensive.
• doxrav's Al solution offers significant cost savings.
• Reduces the need for manual labour and lowers operational costs.
• Frees up resources to be allocated to other critical business areas.


Scalability and Flexibility

• doxrav's AI solution is scalable and flexible.
• Efficiently handles large volumes of documents as businesses grow.
• Adapts to changing requirements and integrates with existing systems.
• Enables seamless scalability without compromising efficiency.

doXray workflow

During the doXray automation process, your current workflow creates the training information and performs quality assurance on the doXray system without any process re-engineering. You remain in full control of the speed at which doXray takes over the workflow.  If your business runs manual or software augmented, text-based analysis workflows with 100.000s files per month and 100s of expert analysts in your operations center, then doXray can boost your productivity by up to 80%, while reducing labour dependency and minimizing transformational risks.


We work with our clients to build tailor-made AI solutions seamlessly integrated into existing document management workflows.