Customer Service

Categorization, extraction and document analysis of unstructured information. Seamless integration means fast, simple implementation, full control, low manageable transformation risk and no need for expensive business processes re-engineering.

Supplier Management

Extraction and classification of information in unstructured documents, e.g. invoices, makes supplier management faster, more accurate and more intelligent. Seamless workflow integration helps using cutting edge technology as a Service while keeping implementation risks low and manageable at all times.

Document Management

Document management involves the extraction of information from unstructured documents and the transfer of extracted information from source documents to target document templates including such information achieving end-to-end automation with improved speed and accuracy.


Myriads of use cases can profit from our technology including GDPR compliance, due diligence data room analysis, document comparison, document summary, risk management etc.


doXray has developed its technology with the customer in mind. Fast implementation, no requirements for expensive process re-engineering, custom integration, open standards, AI deep learning thought by the customers data. Our integration approach allows the Customer to determine speed and quality of the implementation at any stage of the process.

If retail GPT isn't the right fit for you, reach out to doXray to take control of your data!

With doXray, you receive a customized solution utilizing the latest AI technologies, offering superior accuracy compared to rule-based models, all at a fraction of the cost of (assisted) manual labour.

& Invoice

Client: German BPO Company
Industry: Document Management
Buyer: Board of Directors

The company has over 50+ client contracts to process, classify and extract information from incoming documents in a variety of forms (e-mails, letters, fax, etc.) and content types (invoices, customer care, agreements, support, ...), for which they process more than 20 mil. documents annually. Within their current process there is a significant amount of manual work, involving data entry to extract the information and categorize these documents.

This is a high-risk solution because of inconsistencies in accuracy, volume and processing speed.


doXray has developed a tailor-made deep learning solution, which is integrated into existing document management workflow and can take over this work for 80-90%. The solution categorizes incoming documents, extracts the information from emails, letters and invoices and stores in a database ready for further processing.

  • Data Entry cost down 80%
  • From fixed to Variable Cost
  • Excellent ROI
  • Error quote down to 3%
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Limited COVID-19 risk


Client: Spanish Credit & Collection Firm
Industry: Credit & Collection
Buyer: General Manager

The customer business model entails the standardized creation of lawsuits for the purpose of collecting unpaid debt. The creation of the lawsuit requires the extraction of case specific information from secondary documentation such as debt certificates and the transfer of such information into lawsuit document templates. Before this was performed in a manual process by lawyers, which is expensive and time consuming.


doXray has developed a deep learning solution, which automated this workflow. The solution analyses the source documents like contracts and debt certificates, extracts the relevant information and populates the respective lawsuit templates with the appropriate information.

  • The time to analyse the documents is reduced to 10% of manual time needed.

  • The cost is reduced to 20% of the original manual cost.

  • The quality is consistent and at par or better than the manual process.



Client: Spanish Law Firm
Industry: Real Estate
Buyer: CIO

Currently the client extracts legal information from real estate documents like contracts and notary certificates manually.

For the law firm, it is difficult to maintain a workforce for these types of projects since the projects appear irregularly, and paralegal subject matter experts are expensive.


doXray has developed a deep learning solution, which can take over this work completely. The solution analyses the source documents like contracts and notary certificates, and populates a database with the extracted information.

  • The time to analyse the documents is reduced to 10% of manual time needed.
  • The cost is reduced to 20% of the original manual cost.
  • The quality went up significantly.

Meet our team

doXray has gained experience in speedy implementation and close to invisible integration of its customer solutions. Our team combines seasoned executive, business and commercial management experience with young technology talent.


CEO & Co-founder

Wim Blaauboer

  • 25+ years business management experience
  • Former Director/COO, GWE region, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE)
  • Master in Engineering

CPO & Co-founder

Lutz Beinecke

  • 20 years of experience in contract/negotiations management
  • Former Commercial Director at HPE
  • Legal degree (Volljurist), MBA International Business Management


Zeljko Kraljevic

  • PhD student Kings College, London
  • Alumni Sorbonne Paris and University of Zagreb



Advisory Board

Alexander Weihe

  • 15+ years in financial and executive management 
  • Former CEO of Arvato Spain
  • MBA in Intercultural Business Management




Working with doXray has been easy. The team identified the Cuatrecasas’ goals and was keen to adapt their outstanding deep learning AI solution to our needs. The solution we co-created has delivered an enormous efficiency when developing massive real estate assets due diligence

Francesc Munoz Molina

CIO Cuatrecasas

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